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CCS + LSE Generate

We partnered with the Generate department of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences to launch the first in the Creative Challenge Series. Throughout this series, we teamed up artists and acdemics to reflect on the relationship between the social sciences, the arts and the phenomena of knowledge and education, gender equality, data ethics, and the environment.

This website is a visual mix-tape of material relating to and surrounding those considerations, with videos, texts, podcasts and images provided by the artists and academics who took part.
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What is LSE Generate?

LSE Generate is the London School of Economics and Political Sciences home for entrepreneurship, supporting students and alumni to build a socially responsible business, in the UK and across the world. With an all-year round programme – packed with events, funding opportunities and courses – Generate supports LSE innovators at whatever stage of their entrepreneurial journey, and provides the infrastructure to build, develop and scale their ideas to contribute to the betterment of society.

Want to have your own Creative Challenge Series? Email us at  creative@gettwoit.com

The Creative Challege Series is a getTWOit production made possible by the London School of Economics and Aspect.