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Zoé Aubry 

Dr Sumi Madhok

Gender inequality has become exacerbated in this current crisis. Intersecting inequalities, oppressions and hierarchies influence not only popular representations of these inequalities but also institutional responses to these.  This talk centres on the question of representational justice. Through examining representation of violence against women in art as a departure point, it pulls into focus not only the question of how we tell stories, but also the importance of telling different stories without losing sight of a sense of ethics.

In addition to teaching photography at ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne, Zoé Aubry founded the non-profit association noeme which has worked for the diffusion and reflection on the contemporary artistic image and the magazine KILOMÈTRES, a research space linking curatorial, theoretical and visual approaches. Based on anthropological investigations, Zoé’s artistic practice is built on a relationship between societal phenomena and individual experiences. Creating spaces of confrontation, her work is a criticism of contemporary society, juggling between critical, poetic and political dimensions.

Sumi Madhok is Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies, LSE. Trained as a feminist political theorist, Sumi’s research, writing and teaching is organised around the central question: how does one produce theory and concepts in ‘non-standard’ background conditions? As a committed interdisciplinary scholar, her teaching and scholarship lies at the intersection of feminist political theory and philosophy, coloniality / postcoloniality, transnational activism and social movements, rights/human rights, citizenship,  developmentalism and ethnography.

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