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Josefina Nelimarkka is a multidisciplinary artist working between London and Helsinki.
In her process-based practice, art, science and technology merge into fleeting moments and interactive spaces. The current research looks into the atmospheric condition, the politics of air, the ontological properties of matter and the future scenarios of climate change.  Collaboration with scientists, engineers and technologists is ongoing.
Through their ephemerality; moving images, colours, words and sounds evolve in continuous processes and virtual realms - with active material, weather, site, nanomicroscopy, real-time data and advanced technology. The work brings the critical yet invisible interactions between atmosphere, ecosystem and society into question as sensorial experiences.

Josefina Nelimarkka graduated from MA Painting at the Royal College of Art in London in 2016 and MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2017. She was the artist-in-residence at SPACE Art + Technology in London in 2018.
Solo exhibitions include Kairos καιρός at Helsinki Art Museum HAM Gallery (2018), Call, I shall listen at Fieldworks Gallery (2017), yonder x return at Clearview (2017), Between whiles that encounter at The Finnish Institute (2016) in London, UK and Yet; predicted futurities tracked in poems at OK11 (2017) and Precession (screensaver) at Sinne Gallery (2016) in Helsinki, Finland.

Recent projects are InProcess at SPACE Art + Technology (2019),  Supersaturation: art, science and technology about climate change at Oodi Central Library (2019), Time Resides at Solid Art, Taiwan (2019) and The Fragile Ocean with super/collider x Sail Britain (2019). Her recent public talks and workshops were hosted at U-mkt in Taipei, SPACE Art + Technology in London, Helsinki Music Centre and Techfestival in Copenhagen.
The collaboration with climate scientists from INAR - Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research has resulted in Kairos² AR - mobile app and a residency period at SMEAR II station in 2019.