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This conversation looks at the notion of academic rigor through the lens of interdisciplinary practice. It questions various aspects of education in today’s universities, and how interdisciplinary approaches, new technologies, digital cultures and informal learning might challenge traditional educational frameworks and stimulate flexibility towards knowledge delivery and accumulation. If we are able to follow journeys rather policy requirements, to recognise mistakes and adjust approaches, can we build a more inclusive and sustainable form of learning?

Maintaining a multidisciplinary art practice, spanning drawing, printmaking, and video, Nicole Maloof’s work investigates social relations, zooming in and out from the level of personal intimacy to the larger scale of society. Through these mediums, Nicole challenges and explores the artifice of categorical boundaries, and by extension, their social repercussions.  In exploring new ways of knowledge delivery and learning, Nicole constantly investigates what it means to know- and asks: is it possible to trust conventional disciplines and institutions of knowledge, let alone our own individual sensory input and resulting memories?

Claire Gordon is the Director of LSE’s Eden Centre and sits on a number of School Committees and working groups. Claire is the Departmental Adviser to the departments of Economic History, the European Institute, Government, International Relations and Sociology, and has a particular interests in reward and recognition in higher education, developing research-based curricula to empower students in their learning, and assessment and feedback.

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